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Alternative Printmaker
PSD, PDF | Size: 426.4 MB is a super useful tool for Adobe hop.You can make DIY prints and gig posters easily. Inspired by independent zine press and alternative music scene.I had this idea in my head for a long time. As a huge fan of alternative rock music I have been always fascinated by punk rock/post-punk zine culture. I love this dadaist cut-out and raw aesthetics.I did a lot of research of DIY printmaking techniques. I wanted to make of layer styles that would help you make such a great piece of artworks in a short time.You only need have basic skills of using Adobe hop! Just cut out object from a photo, place it into Smart Object layer and save! It will allow you have a total control over an effect!If you are too lazy for raw cut outs, just place photo (follow the rules in Owner’s manual) and save.All are adjustable, so you only need to move with sliders in Levels to get the effect you want.So, here is the result!With you will get:16 Layer Style Effects for Adobe hop I recommends Buy premimum account for High speed+parallel s!

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Alternative Printmaker Free Download

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