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Tribe Archipelago – 1888 AD LUTs Free Download


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Tribe Archipelago – 1888 AD LUTs
is the newest Tribe creation. Distinct from our other ducts, 1888AD is inspired by a deep love for analog photography. The pres and files are designed to reflect the clean, timeless spirit of film. 1888 pays homage to the year in which Kodak released their first commercially successful box camera for roll film, and forever changed the way we capture memories. This brand is wonderfully suited to hybrid film /digital shooters, and for anyone who reveres the enduring beauty of analog photography. We are 1888AD… Analog inspired Digital Pres and Creative Profiles.The 1888AD Set includes 2 BW & 4 Color Profiles & 21 Adjustment Pres. (which are activated by using the included Basic Develop pres). Prices in US Currency. [b][/b][b]

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